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Missouri Map Room

The Missouri Map Room is a web-based geographic data visualization tool. With this tool, one can explore thousand of geographic data sets for Missouri. Click Start a Map to explore!

CARES launched the Missouri Map Room in the fall of 2000. The web site combined the technology and data that CARES had used on the Internet since 1997 into a single interface, allowing public access to hundreds of data sets in Missouri.

Now, CARES has re-invented the Missouri Map Room, integrating the data and tools into the larger, and national, Community Commons mapping platform currently supported by CARES. The Community Commons utilizes modern mapping technology, supports mobile devices, and allows new functionality, such as saving a map.

Try the new Missouri Map Room!

What Has Changed?

Well, a lot!

The Missouri Map Room has been integrated into the Community Commons mapping platform supported by CARES. The new site utilizes modern mapping technology, and new approaches to finding data. The site integrates information from other web sites, not just CARES, and is user focused, so you can save maps you want to revisit and send maps to others. Because of these new features, we do ask that you register for the site as a Community Commons user (free!).

Old Missouri Map Room (click image for larger view)OldMapRoom
New Missouri Map Room (click image for larger view)NewMapRoom

Major Changes

The familiar 1-2-3 step process of setting an area to be mapped, determining what data will be mapped, then creating the map has been reformulated. Now, a blank map is presented first, and users can add new data or change mapping areas at any time.

Data can be found using a search engine, or by data source, or by the familiar data tree (Search by Topic). Use the explainer videos found at Community Commons Mapping Help Page to see how to use the new data finding tools.

Many data sets are now national. Some data sets available in the old Missouri Map Room have not yet been transferred to the new interface. The most current and popular will be transferred, but some will no longer be available, or will be access from other web services (aerial photography, for instance).

Maps can be saved, allowing quick access to the same map. Maps can also be shared on social media, or embedded in your web site. Maps can also be shared. Click the map gallery tab to view maps others have saved and made public.

Tools are now located below Map Layers in the lower right portion of the interface.

Navigating the map is more intuitive. Use the +/- in the upper left to zoom in and out. The map can also be zoomed in by double clicking, using the mouse scroll wheel, or pressing shift and dragging a square. The home button returns to the original extent. To pan, click and drag the map.

Layers can be re-ordered by dragging them up or down in the map layers listing.

A description of each layer is available directly in the map using the Info button.